New Business Partner

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with Anderson University.  Please complete the form below in order to proceed.  One of our staff will be in touch with you soon.
    Business Address
    Business Address
    There are many ways for AU and businesses to connect, here are a few examples! Let us know at the bottom what would work best for you!
    • Alumni Gathering:  Are a lot of your employees AU alumni?  We'd love to host an alumni gathering at your place (or virtual).  We'll do all the work and even bring lunch for the event.
    • College Fair:  This is a less personal but larger scale educational event for your staff. You provide the room and we'll do all the work to invite schools and manage the event.
    • Lunch & Learn:  Want to share educational opportunities with your staff?  During lunch, we will share details on how to finish a degree or how to obtain a masters degree.  We'll even provide the food!
    • RMBA Co-op:  Looking for a top notch employee?  Our Residential MBA students work co-op positions while earning a masters degree.  
    • Share your story:  Are you a business who could provide a dynamic speaker with a great story?  We often look for speakers for classes, events, or chapel.
    • Sponsor an Event:  We have lots of events at AU for college students and beyond and always welcome partners who want to help us create the best experiences!
    • Speaker:  Looking for continuing education for your staff?  You choose the topic and we'll find the expert.  
    • Continuing Education: AU can provide continuing education to your staff via certificates specialized to your business needs.  
    • Class Host: We are always looking for new locations outside of Anderson to offer classes.  If you have a great space you'd like to share, let's talk!
    • Your Choice:  Have another partnership idea that's not listed here?  You tell us how you'd like to partner with us.  We'll schedule a time to talk!